12 Unexpected Things That Men Find Incredibly Attractive (And Women Are Sometimes Shy Of)

Date November 2, 2018

Well, they are right when they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus! What ladies consider to be their greatest flaw, most men actually find beautiful, sexy, and attractive. So, girls, take notes!

1. Stretching

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Yes, he really likes to watch you outstretching your arms. No matter where, whether getting out of bed, sitting on a chair, or for no particular reason at all. Of course, it looks especially entrancing in underwear.

2. Sweat

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This is a rather peculiar thing, but it often works as an aphrodisiac. It has been scientifically proven that sweat contains compounds that have a teasing effect on hormones.

3. Little tummy

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It's a nightmare for girls. A little tummy or soft buttocks, and she already thinks she is a monster. But as the saying goes: bones are for dogs, meat is for men. Remember this, ladies, and love your body!

4. When she gets angry

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Why do men like to watch you get angry? This is a sign of passion. And passion is a huge turn-on; it shows that you have emotions and they can be pretty strong. Still, there is a difference between getting a little angry from time to time and being a drama queen.

5. Messy bun

shurkin_son /

Not a freakishly outlandish one, of course, but a casual bun with some loose locks. Men find it very intimate and cute.

6. Small bust

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If a girl doesn’t have a jaw-dropping chest, it doesn’t mean that no one will like her. And considering that many women now ‘get them done', a smaller size is a guarantee to men that everything is natural.

7. Healthy independence

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There are two extremes: footloose and fancy-free, and total dependence. And both of them men find annoying. Men appreciate it when you don’t need to depend on them – emotionally, physically, and financially. They like to pamper their beloved, but not out of pity or necessity.

8. After a shower

Alliance /

You have nothing but a towel on, your hair is wet and loose. Girls don’t feel stunning like this, but men’s eyes don’t see their shortcomings.

9. Without makeup

Women generally avoid appearing in front of men without a touch of makeup – and some, without full-scale war paint. Surprisingly, guys like to see girls au naturel, and find them very cute and attractive!

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10. In sportswear

Maridav /

Sneakers, stylish leggings, and a tank-top. This look is guaranteed to attract men's attention. First, it means that the girl is sporty and, second, it emphasizes that she is not sitting around twiddling thumbs.

11. Good appetite

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There is nothing more attractive for men (who always love to eat) than a woman who enjoys her food. They admire ladies with a good figure, but not those who incessantly diet or count calories. A woman with a healthy appetite means that he will never be hungry!

12. Red clothes

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Red color has always been a symbol of passion. Therefore, in such a dress, you are almost guaranteed to be an instant man-charmer.

Girls, in general, be natural, don’t be afraid to be yourselves, and men are sure to adore you!

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