3 Worst-Tempered Zodiac Men

Date November 7, 2018 08:34

Bad-tempered people are often very difficult to tolerate. Especially, when a girl is calm and quiet, and her partner is really mean and stubborn. Wise ladies find ways to cope with such men, but not all. By learning the zodiac sign of your partner, you can foresee many traits in character, and then decide what to do with this knowledge.

Here is our hint – 3 of the worst-tempered men according to the zodiac.

3. Gemini

Gemini are experts in lying; they know how to find words so that you probably believe them. Do they use this ability? You will never know, because these men’s lies are airtight.

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Gemini are excellent at flirting with strangers, and this talent is best shown when there are several years of marriage behind their backs. But on the upside, their unmatched creativity won’t let you get bored. There is one problem, though: not every woman can stand it.

2. Aries

They are so stubborn! If you decide to join your life with an Aries, then don’t complain about it. Representatives of this sign are often unbelievably self-centered.

They keep arguing even when they are perfectly aware they are wrong. And what about the outbreaks of aggression! Aries can make a scene out of nothing, and you have to find ways to calm them down. The little upside to the Aries is the fact that they don’t hold grudges. If you like a roller coaster of emotions, then you’ve got yourself a keeper!

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1. Scorpio

These men are vindictive and easily irritable. They get on the defensive when it is completely uncalled for. So they often end up spoiling the mood in companies where everyone else is relaxed and cheerful.

They find fault with everything and are very jealous! If a Scorpio gives you a gift and doesn’t receive disproportionally huge gratitude in return, then get ready for a quarrel.


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As you can see, you need to be extremely careful with these men! Of course, there is a perfect match for every person in the world, so for every bad-tempered zodiac sign, there are always those who will be able to cope with them and, possibly, even change them for the better.

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