Psychological Color Test: Choose A Bag And Learn Something New About Yourself

Date November 22, 2018

Sometimes, a choice of a random object can say a lot about us. Also, such tests can help you understand where you are and how to make your life better. Remember which bag you liked first and find out the result!

Which bag was the first you fancied?

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Bag №1

If you chose this one, now you want to get rid of all the problems and feel more ease in your life. What you need is a memorable vacation with a lot of emotions such as a journey. You are a positive person, and you know how to pull yourself together even in a most stressful situation, but this still doesn’t mean you don’t need to rest.

Bag №2

Sometimes, it seems to you that you are missing something and not living the way you would like to. These are normal thoughts for all ambitious people. With that, you still need to allow yourself to relax more. It will teach you to appreciate the brightest and colorful moments in your life.

Bag №3

Sometimes, you are ready to stay in the shade only because you have a higher goal. You are ready to change yourself and the whole world, you work hard and move towards your goals. Peace and harmony are essential to your success, so make sure there are always people or a person to ensure that.

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Bag №4

You know how to be a team player and reach understanding even with people, even with strangers. This is an excellent skill that allows you to achieve success faster than others. You are ready to go a long way for the sake of your goals, for which you often get praised. Keep it up!

I am Kulz /

Sometimes, we have no idea how interesting and beneficial it is to get to know oneself. After all, a clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses as well as fears and desires helps you realize what you want, make it happen, and become happier.

This test is based on the famous color test of Swiss psychotherapist Max Lüscher. According to him, color preferences allow to draw conclusions about a person’s current state. We don’t urge you to trust the test results blindly, as human personality is very multifaceted and depends on many factors. That’s why despite being generally correct, Lüscher’s test has been repeatedly criticized. What do you say? Were the results true for you? Let us know in the comments!

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