TV Presenter Was Humiliated, Raped, And Mutilated With Acid By Her Ex. The Way She Changed Her Life Is Immensely Inspiring!

Date August 23, 2018 14:06

Sadly, stories about girls whose beauty was taken from them become more frequent. Mostly, they suffer from the hands of their former lovers, enviers, or enemies, but the result is the same: Their life gets irreversibly divided into before and after the acid attack.

Why are these people telling their stories? Their aim is to motivate. Regardless of what happened in your life, you need to rise and move on. We want to share a story of a woman who inspires thousands of people around the world, despite her mutilated appearance. 

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Katie Piper is an incredibly strong woman. She suffered emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. But now, her story helps women to overcome similar problems.

10 years ago, she met a guy named David Lynch. They were together for only two weeks, but he used to abuse her emotionally, physically, and sexually. Then, he hired a man to splash sulfuric acid at her face.

The acid severely burned the skin on Katie’s face and left her blind in one eye. She spent two months in a hospital and underwent 40 surgeries.

But Katie did not give up. Instead, she decided to use her painful experience to help others. In about half a year after the tragedy, she founded the Katie Piper Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the rehabilitation of burns survivors. 

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Katie made a documentary, in which she shares her story to raise public awareness of the problem she has experienced.

By the way, the woman started a family! Now, she is raising two daughters with her beloved husband.

As for her former partner, he is serving a life sentence in one of the prisons in Britain.

There are not many people in the world who are brave enough to expose their non-perfect appearance to the public. One of them is Turia Pitt. The Australian model is a fire victim who sustained 65% of burns to her body. Now, she lives a normal life. She has a husband and a child. Turia attends local TV shows, and there have been several documentaries about her. She keeps inspiring people!


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Share this inspirational story! And don’t ever give up!

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