Like An X-Ray: 6 Zodiac Signs With Highly Developed Intuition

Date September 10, 2018

“No sooner had I thought of it, when you came/rang/did something,” – people with well-developed intuition hear such phrases quite often. This surprises people around them, but for owners of this precious gift, it seems natural and most ordinary.

Who has well-developed intuition?

How can you not see that something is about to happen? People with developed intuition think this way, and we should learn it from them. Who are these people? Let's look at the zodiac signs for the answer.



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It would seem that acute mind and logical thinking don’t leave room for a feeling that can’t be clearly defined. Nevertheless, representatives of this sign strive for balance in everything, so they intuitively feel potential dangers and avoid them.


Scrupulous Virgo is very attentive to details, aims for the root of the problem or the source of information. Virgos have an analytical mind, can assume responsibility, and are good organizers. The accumulated experience helps them to do many things automatically relying on keen intuition.

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Active, industrious and inquisitive representatives of this sign rarely focus on internal experiences. Even though their intuition stays alert and, under certain conditions, prompts the right answer, they still have plenty of room for development in this area.


They are impossible to deceive – they sense a lie a mile away. But sometimes, intuition fails them, especially when their interest is involved – they want to get everything at once, so they go bald-headed ignoring the danger.

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One of the most intuitive signs. Perhaps, this is explained by belonging to the water element, which is a good conductor of thoughts, as a form of electricity. Pisces are people of a very creative nature, who admire everything beautiful and harmonious. Many of them are artists, musicians, and painters. Excessive sensitivity allows them to get the right answers in dreams, and feel the upcoming troubles.


The only sign that can compete with Pisces in terms of intuition is another water sign – Cancer. The Moon also plays its role here, adding mysteriousness and emotionality. They often withdraw into themselves and, in order to stay in touch with the outside world, they tune their 'inner antenna' to sense emotions and feelings of other people. As a result, they are admired for being so insightful and develop their intuition.

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