Old Jewish Tale With An Invaluable Lesson For All Modern Mothers

Date August 21, 2018 13:11

There is an old Jewish parable all mothers can learn from.   

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Once there lived a Jewish family. There were many children, but little money. The poor mother was always complaining to God about her life. No wonder – she had to do everything by herself. She did the cleaning, she cooked, and raised naughty children. She worked from dusk till dawn, always whining.

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The poor mother couldn’t get anything done. She did so much, but got so little appreciation in return! But what worried her most was that she couldn’t stop taking her anger out on her children, and she wasn’t a good mother.

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She went to an old and wise rabbi for a piece of mind. After an hour’s conversation, the woman wandered home, lost in reverie.

After that, she changed beyond recognition. Her family didn’t get any richer, there weren’t fewer problems either. But the mother became calm and smiled more to her children.

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Once a week, she went to the market, bought something and hurried home. At home, she would lock herself in one of the rooms for some time. Once her children couldn’t help themselves and peeked into the keyhole. What was she doing there?

You wouldn’t believe it…The mother was eating delicious strawberries on the sly, without even thinking about sharing.

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When children cried with indignation, she only smiled:

Quiet, children! I am making you a calm and happy mother!

The morals: in order to give to others, one needs to make sure there is anything to give in the first place. One needs to be happy to make others happy.

Please, share this wonderful tale with those, who may benefit from it!

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