Psychology Of Shape And Color: Instant Test For Determining Your Real Emotional State

Date August 22, 2018

Now, there are numerous techniques experienced recruiters and managers use to determine a personality type of their employees, and establish effective communication. A few decades ago, they were complex and time consuming, but provided a deep understanding of a person’s character.

A combination of the Lüscher test and Susan Dellinger’s Psycho-Geometrics turned out interesting, fast, and accurate. And it can be applied outside the office as well. The first one is a color test. It reveals what a person gravitates to at the present moment, depending on the mood and well-being. The second involves analyzing the current psycho-emotional state, based on the choice of an item of a particular shape, and determining key personality traits.

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Choose one of these mouth-watering cookies. Note: look at the picture for no longer than 10 seconds. After this, you can proceed to the interpretation of the results.

1. Round and brown

A circle is usually chosen by sociable and amiable people. They enjoy taking part in solving personal conflicts of others and are ready to do anything to make everyone around them happy. They often cross the line between public and private interests, however, they do it with everybody’s best interest in mind. Brown color shows a person’s positive perception of their own physical condition. That is, a person who chose this cookie is doing well and isn’t troubled by health problems.

2. Triangular and yellow

People who associate themselves with a triangle are active, confident, and strong. They are born leaders, ready to go any length to satisfy their ambitions. They often strive for power. They are characterized by impatience and a quick reaction. Yellow indicates personality traits, such as spontaneity, activity, eccentricity, and an appetite for action.

3. Square and red

People who prefer a square are distinguished by perseverance, organization, and hard-working nature. They are punctual, neat, and practical, have extraordinary patience and analytical thinking. They are exceptionally effective, even though they don’t make a great fuss around their achievements. Red color indicates moderate aggressiveness, determination, ability to make decisions and bear the responsibility.

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4. Green and zigzag

Zigzag-shaped cookies can be a sign of instability of thought and a tendency to frequent changes in the point of view. In this context, these people’s mood and relationships with the environment are quite unstable. They prefer to be guided by sudden impulses, rather than logical conclusions. Green color also indicates emotional flexibility. They are moderately persistent, self-respecting individuals, who enjoy and know how to control various processes, but at the same time they are more inclined to being led, than being a leader.

5. Rectangular and yellow

Often people who choose a rectangle are going through a personal crisis at the time of taking this test, due to recent or upcoming changes. Generally, it doesn’t take them long to come out of this state, and soon they tend to change their behavioral model for a more stable one, described above. Yellow color in this context indicates some impulsiveness and haste in making decisions, an active life position, and agitation.

While taking this test remember that the choice of a certain item indicates the present state and mood. In other words, the same combination of methods may provide a different result in a few days. What do you think, how close was this description to your current state? How accurate is this test in describing people close to you?

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