There And Back Again: After Living 3 Years As A Woman, Transgender Went Back To Being A Man. However, He Kept The Breasts


August 30, 2018 18:11 By Fabiosa

Being uncomfortable in their own body, some people feel the urge to identify as representatives of biologically opposite sex. After that, they are often left misunderstood. Alexander Veach wanted to become a woman, but after 3 years, he yielded to regrets and went back.

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A model named Alexander Veach, 30, decided to become a woman. For this, he spent a fortune on hormones, and $10,000 – on laser hair removal. Then, for 3 years, he lived as a woman named Aria.

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Later, Aria found out how difficult and expensive it was to be a woman. Alex told:

There are many higher expenses women have to endure. I just quit womanhood  it's expensive, competitive and I don't have any more time for it.


Публикация от Alex Veach (@alexveach)

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Alexander returned in his male body, and now, he is happier, as transgenders often feel isolated from the society, and go through a lot of stress.

Now, Alex works out to get rid of rounded breasts. He chose to do it the hard way without any surgeries.


Публикация от Alex Veach (@alexveach)

This man was literally in a woman's skin. Now, he probably understands women. Let him explain to other men why girls need foundation and a new dress, why we are always late, and how we manage to put everything in our small handbags.

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