9 Cases When Makeup Worked True Miracles

Date September 27, 2018

Although psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea are skin conditions, they can also damage our self-esteem. What to do?

One word - makeup! Not only can it adjust facial features, but also hide serious skin problems.

You are skeptical, aren’t you? Just look at these stunning makeovers of ordinary women!

1. Her skin was affected by periorificial dermatitis. After applying makeup, there isn’t a single visible spot left!

2. The sunburn results in temporary redness. This woman trusted her foundation and it didn’t let her down!

3. A condition called Lupus leaves scars. But the superpowers of makeup come on top again! On the day of her wedding, she looked stunning!

4. She didn’t know what was wrong with her skin. Anyway, the redness is gone (at least temporarily!). She looks and feels great!

5. On the left, there are traces of vitiligo. This is an autoimmune disease that affects the pigmentation of the skin. On the right - any woman would dream of that consistent skin tone!

6. It was the first time she trusted a makeup artist! Obviously, she didn’t regret it. The result is incredible!

7. In only 30 minutes a gifted artist transformed this woman beyond recognition.

What a glorious smokey eye!

8. Pimples left redness and scars on her face. Probably she had no idea, what the magic of makeup could do.

9. Careful and thorough work with a brush and a beauty blender corrected the uneven tone. Apparently, the woman suffers from rosacea. But you wouldn’t tell from the photo on the right!

Yes, the makeup will wash off! But can you imagine how nice it felt for them to forget about the skin problems even for one day?