Bearded Women. The Natural Beauty Movement Is Gaining Fame On Instagram. Are You A Supporter?

Date September 14, 2018

Each person is unique. But society expects each of us to fit the standards. They say that it helps a person to become happy and successful. If you are a man, you should be tall and muscular, if you are a woman – be slim with perfectly proportional face. But now more and more people are fighting against these stereotypes and are proud of themselves the way the nature created them.

These women believe that their skin doesn’t have to be as smooth as the dolphin’s. If nature has given them a beard, then they should make the best of it.

The recent worldwide campaign “We Can Face It” is aiming at overcoming the negative attitude towards the female facial hair. There are different reasons why it appears. The main ones are health condition and genes. Also, facial and body hair appears in some women during pregnancy due to the growth hormones.

Now, increasingly more women prefer to refrain from hair removal. 27-year-old Harnaam Kaur - one of the first in the modern society to stop being self-conscious of her beard. Her hair began to grow on her face, arms and chest when she was 11. This was due to the polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes excessive testosterone production in women.

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She tried to get rid of her hair in various ways so as to avoid humiliation in school. But, when Harnaam grew up, she realized that she had nothing to be ashamed of. She is sure that her example will help other women to understand themselves better.

Rose Geil also decided to join this movement. She claims that her beard helped her feel more feminine and sexy. And all because of the freedom to be who she is. Social networks helped her to gain self-confidence back, as she found like-minded people there.

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Women who wear a beard admit that sometimes they are mistaken for men. But in most cases, passers-by admire them.

Now more girls don’t feel shy to post selfies with facial hair on the internet.

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