‘Bullet Bra’: Mid-20th Century Killer Trend In Underwear

Date November 19, 2018 16:21

In the 1940s-1950s, the bra, appropriately named “bullet,” was wildly popular. Girls wore it under tight dresses and sweaters, making the men’s hearts skip a dangerous number of beats.


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This accessory instantly made a woman’s look spicier and more seductive.

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The bullet bra got its name from its round seam and sharp cone cups. To fill the empty space, girls had to resort to special liners, cotton balls, and even socks.


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Although this image wasn’t the most convenient for everyday life, it fits perfectly into the then-popular pin-up style used to raise the morale of World War II soldiers.


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Many world celebrities used to have a soft spot for this kind of bra, in particular, Hollywood movie stars.

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Anne Francis, Jane Russell - all these stars made the bullet bra insanely popular. Most girls dreamt of looking like the iconic beauties from the screen.

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In the 90s, thanks to Jean-Paul Gautier, the bullet bra reappeared in the world of fashion through Madonna’s provocative outfit, developed by the fashion designer for her world tour ‘Blond Ambition.’

It was a corset with the bra reminiscent of the 1940s-1950s.

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In 1999, company What Katie Did brought bullet bras back to mass production.


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And what do you think, can these bras become trendy again in the observable future? After all, fashion doesn’t cease to prove that it is cyclical.

Share your opinion in the comments!

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