Girl From Ukraine Made The Judges Cry With A Brilliant Performance Of Andrea Bocelli’s Song

Date August 8, 2018 11:02

A highly professional performance of a 13-year-old Solomia won over the judges’ hearts on talent show The Voice Kids. The girl chose «Time To Say Goodbye» by Andrea Bocelli and her very first notes filled the professionals’ eyes with tears.

The Voice Kids / Youtube

Solomia was born in Kiev in 2001, lived in the USA and has always dreamed of great achievements in the music industry. While her peers played with dolls, did chores or ran around, Solomia worked hard on her vocals, perfecting every note and strengthening her voice.

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The Voice Kids / Youtube

Her hard work and perseverance have been rewarded with victories in several prestigious international singing contests. But her performance at German “The Voice Kids” became a true sensation. Even though the girl was noticeably a little nervous in the beginning, she got her act together and did her best.

The Voice Kids / Youtube

After the first notes of the famous song by Andrea Bocelli, one of the judges, singer and songwriter Lena, made it clear that she was fascinated by Solomia’s voice by facing her. She remained frozen with tears in her eyes and head lowered letting the touching song stir her very soul.

Her fellow judges were also impressed by the young talent.

The Voice Kids / Youtube

In the end all the three judges voted for the brilliant kid.

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The Voice Kids / Youtube

Watch her performance:

Solomia looked amazing on such a big show in a bright tunic with two bushy ponytails, didn’t she?     

You can enjoy the continuation of the contest, where the wonder teen didn’t let anybody’s hopes down.

If you enjoyed the video - like it, join the millions of admirers of Solomia’s talent.

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