Edifying Story: Man Left His Wife On A Sinking Ship Taking The Last Space In A Lifeboat


August 13, 2018 17:11 By Fabiosa

Life is the best teacher. It shows both good and bad, so that people can distinguish among the two and adjust their own behavior. But sometimes, it is hard to correctly figure out a person on the first try. Your impression can be misguided. As it is the case of the following story.

A shipwreck: life or death

A teacher chose to introduce a new classroom topic through a story. A cruise ship was wrecked on the high seas. The last two people, the husband and wife, managed to get to the lifeboat only to realize that there was only one place left. The man pushed his wife behind and jumped into the lifeboat himself. The woman left on the sinking ship shouted only one sentence to her husband.

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The teacher offered the children to speculate on her last words - what they could be about.

There were several variants, and all of them boiled down to the fact that the woman was accusing her husband for being so selfish. And only one boy kept silent and didn’t participate in the discussion. When the teacher asked for his opinion, he responded:

Take care of our child!

The boy told the right answer, as these were the words his mom told his dad before passing away.

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As for the shipwreck story, it goes on. Having reached the shore, the rescued man did take care of their daughter and raised her well. Decades later, in her adulthood, she found her late father’s diary.

There, she found the lines about her mother. She went on the lamentable voyage being seriously ill, and she didn’t have much time. In that horrible moment among the waves, the man realized that he must survive for the sake of their daughter. His wife went down to the bottom of the ocean...

This was the lesson the teacher presented to the pupils – a lesson about love, compassion, responsibility and... the falsity of the first impression.

Do we judge a book by its cover?

When we meet a person for the first time, our perception is influenced by various factors, mainly external ones. We judge the person by the clothes, manner of conduct, or conversation. And this makes us prone to overestimating or underestimating a person.

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We can give a stranger some credit if the first impression was good or become skeptical and unfriendly in other cases. Both options can lead to overlooking a person’s true qualities.

Everyone can probably remember a few examples from their life when somebody you tagged as a snob turned out to be an open, sincere, and sociable person, or when your alleged soul mate showed the true colors.

Have you ever been mistaken in somebody? Tell us your story. It will be enlightening for all.

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