Long Toenails – New Trend That May Leave You Dumbfounded

Date January 28, 2019

In modern culture long fingernails are generally considered pretty. Those who can’t don’t’ have naturally strong nails have to enlarge them to be in trend. But have you noticed that recently more women have started wearing longer toenails? It surely attracts attention, but it’s not always positive. Are you a fan?

1. People don’t always go for black nails, especially on the feet, but when they do...


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How do you wear shoes?

– the subscribers wonder in the comments.


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3. Just wear one or two sizes larger – seems to be the solution.


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4. How do you find this red pedicure?


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5. Not very practical - pantyhose and socks won’t serve long.

6. She must have grown the toenails for quite some time.

7. 'Handy to climb trees, though'


I am forever the long toenails Queen!

- reads the caption to the following photo.

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9. Tastes differ.

10. For all the fans of French nails out there.

Whom long toenails will suit

Long toenails are a definite way to attract attention to this beautiful part of the body. Such an extravagant pedicure will suit those who have the right form of feet and toes. Also, the nails should be strong and have a beautiful shape.

What people say about long toenails on the web

The opinions are polarized. Some are horrified and ridicule the trend.

Simply terrifying! As in a horror movie! All men will scatter in fear after seeing this beauty!

Cool, especially to pull weeds in the garden.

Designers will have to come up with shoes for this.

Will be handy climbing the trees and utility poles.

Others love it!

Such lovely toes!

Don’t mind the haters. You are gorgeous!

There seems to be no common ground in the long toenails issue yet. And what do you think, is it the norm or a nightmare? Share your opinion in the comments!

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