Magic Of Makeup: Girls From All Over The World Show Their Faces With And Without Makeup

Date August 20, 2018

The miraculous powers of makeup don’t require any more proof. A couple of touches of a brush can transform a girl beyond recognition, emphasize her merits and divert attention from flaws. For some of us cosmetics help to mask skin imperfections and boost self-esteem, while others use it as a way of expressing themselves.

Under the hashtag #powerofmakeup women from all over the world post their photos on Instagram with and without makeup to demonstrate how different they may look.

1. 10 years younger!

2. No sign of skin problems whatsoever.

3. Proper makeup has turned this girl a true man-eater.

4. The difference is stunning!

5. These eyes are oceans. Mila Kunis who?

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6. Looks like two different people. Not related.

7. Now, she’s got the sparkle in her eyes, not only skin!

8. From a housewife to an elegant classy woman.

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9. The shape of eyebrows is so decisive!

10. This girl is beautiful even without makeup, but with it on you can’t take your eyes off her!

Whose transformation impressed you the most? Looking forward to your answers in the comments!

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