Natural Beauty: Model With Facial Hair In A Lipstick Ad Divides Opinions

Date September 10, 2018

Natural beauty and basically everything natural is rapidly gaining ground in the world of fashion. Catwalks and pages of glossy magazines are becoming increasingly friendlier towards plus-size models, and some well-known brands refuse to airbrush the models’ photos.

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It looks like M.A.C., the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the US, went up with this trend, which immediately drew the attention of thousands of internet users.

On its Instagram account, the brand promoted a new shade of a lip pencil with a close-up shot. Yet, it wasn’t the product that interested the subscribers.

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Many noticed the visible dark hairs above the girl's upper lip, which the brand apparently decided not to Photoshop out.

This is real life! Love this!

Love that you didn’t need to photoshop this to death. Yes!!! 

 Color is gorgeous. And shock horror woman have hair on their bodies!! Who knew right!

— users commented.

Vladimir Gjorgiev /

But, if some appreciated the brand’s decision to distinguish beauty from “perfection”, others were put off by it, to say the least.

Nice mustache on the model. Who does these ads? They need to be fired.

Painted the lips, but didn’t care to remove the hairs!

Natural? How about unkempt?

What do you think about this facial hair issue? Do a few hairs all human have on their faces deserve so much attention? Besides, the girl didn’t advertise hair removal products. Let us know what you think.

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