Plasterer Won £1 Million In Lottery Instead Of A Lady Who Let Him Be Served First

Date August 7, 2018 09:56

A most ordinary day turned out to be a lucky one for Arron John Walshaw. How lucky? About 1.3 million dollars lucky! This is the amount a plasterer from Ossett, England won in the lottery after buying a ticket in the last moment.

The man ran up to the cashier minutes before the draw would close. A lady that approached the cashier earlier generously let him go first, as she had probably seen that Arron was in a rush and gasping. And the ticket he bought was a lucky one!

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Ceri Hall / Facebook

Now Arron, as a true gentleman, is looking for his fellow lottery lover to thank her.

Arron plans to spend the money he won on a «dream wedding» with his fiancée. And on his children.

By the way, there are many stories when fortune smiled on people against all odds. For example, Oksana Zakharova from New Jersey mistakenly purchased a lottery ticket, which made her 5 million dollars richer. She was given a $10 ticket instead of a one-dollar one.

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The woman was so embarrassed. For some time, she didn’t check the ticket using it as a bookmark. When she finally decided to erase the protective coating, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Now, she is set for life, as she will be paid this amount during next 20 years.

Have you ever played the lottery, and have you won anything? Please, share your story with us.

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