She Is 62 And She Shows Her Impressive Bikini Shots And Honestly Talks About Her Secret Of Youth


August 9, 2018 17:18 By Fabiosa

Look at the pictures of the woman below. How old would you give her? 35, 40, maybe 45? But in fact, this lady is already over 60. Yes, she was born in December 21, 1955. This model is Yasmine Rossi and she advertises swimsuits and underwear. She is impressive, doesn't she? We have prepared for you her main secrets of youth and beauty, she is gladly sharing with everyone.

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Yasmine was born in France, spent her childhood in Corsica, and now lives in Malibu.

To keep her body in a good shape, she adheres to a few simple rules.

1. No strict diets

Mrs. Rossi has never been on a diet. She believes that balance and discipline are the keys to health and happiness.

I do not eat processed, frozen, microwaved or fat-free foods.

Yasmine cooks fresh organic food every day. Her diet is based on fruits, vegetables, nuts.

I was guessing a lot what is good for me and what is not, but happiness is what makes you shine, not just the food you eat.

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2. Daily workouts

Yasmine has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years. Every day she exercises from 30 minutes to one hour. It's unlikely that everyone can do it every day!

And also she walks every day for 15-45 minutes. 

Yasmine told that you do not have to worry and reproach yourself if you missed a day or two. Just go back to your usual rhythm.

3. Remember you are not 20 years old

Yasmine explained that it was hard for her to realize that there was not as much energy in her body as before menopause. She does not like to grow old, but the only thing that needs to be done in this case is to accept herself and follow the stream of time. 

4. Natural care

Mrs. Rossi uses natural care products: she applies olive oil on her face, rapeseed on her hair. And once a week she makes a sugar and olive oil scrub for her body.

Use the secrets of youth and beauty from Yasmine. And also share your comments with us!

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