Fit 70-Year-Old Lady Shared Her Secrets Of Looking Like A Young Girl From Head To Toe

Date June 27, 2019 16:21

A woman named Norma Williams looks like a young girl at the age of 70. She even admits that now she is in the best shape of her life. How is it possible? Here are some secrets from super fit Norma.

The lady moved from rainy Britain to sunny Italy, where she enjoys life and manages her rental business. She has a husband 10 years older than her. She started to exercise daily at the age of 20, and in addition to it, she always walks a lot and keeps her weight in check. At the same time, Mrs. Williams doesn’t deny herself pastry for breakfast and daily “naughty snacks.”

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Norma claims that in order to look good, you don’t have to have model proportions. The main thing is to be smart.

An excellent shape is not to be defined by height nor figure type. You can be small or tall. You can be curvy or straight up and down. Or you can be anything in between. So, I am not talking fashion or glamour model stereo types here. I am talking about the body we all know to be great when we see it.

Norma doesn’t limit herself in the selection of foods for the diet. She drinks two cappuccinos with a pastry for breakfast. Then she snacks on a banana, orange or other seasonal fruit.

Her dinner should consist of protein with vegetables: carrots, broccoli, beans, mushrooms in soy sauce, olive oil, seeds, cranberries or slices of walnut.

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Mrs. Williams's favorite dish is whole-grain spaghetti with vegetables and olive oil, which she adores so much that she adds it everywhere.

For a snack, the lady can eat biscuits, chocolate or salad with Greek yogurt, honey, and nuts.

By the way, Norma is not the only one who looks stunning in her 70+. Actress Goldie Hawn showcased her gorgeous figure. Who would think she’s older than 50?

These are the secrets of youth and slimness Norma shared. And would you like to look like that in 70?

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