Top 5 Emotional Zodiac Signs

Date September 7, 2018

How often do emotions control your behavior? Are you a calm and prudent or are you inclined to blow even slightest problems and fears out of proportion?

Astrologers named 5 most emotional zodiac signs.

5th place: Virgo

When something is wrong in the world, it emotionally hurts Virgos. They are truly convinced that good acts should be rewarded, while the bad ones - punished. Therefore, it is unbearably painful for them to face the injustices of reality.

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4th place: Aries

Representatives of this sign take any emotional reaction personally, as they believe that they simply have to control everything. And if they are not in control for some reason, they fall into a rage.

3rd place: Libra

This zodiac sign wants everyone to be happy always. Therefore, besides their close ones, Libras are ready to be concerned about the fate of strangers whom they’ve just saw on the news.

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2nd place: Pisces

These people radically differ by their lack of self-confidence, which they can hide very well. However, it doesn’t prevent them from using any, even the slightest, criticism to reproach and blame themselves for everything.

1st place: Cancer

Representatives of this sign are literally overpowered by emotions. Their mood can change a hundred times a day because of somebody’s remark or unfair criticism. The good news is that the positive experiences are just as strong in Cancers!

Did you recognize yourself in the description? Well, it proves that you are a person who knows what real emotions are! Who said it’s a bad thing?

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