Woman Who Lost One Breast To Cancer Urges People Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Scars


September 3, 2018 09:54 By Fabiosa

With the advancements in medicine, breast cancer is no longer a sentence. Timely diagnosis increases the chances of a full recovery. But even at later stages, it is possible to win the battle. At the beginning, it is enough to remove a tumor itself and undergo radiation therapy. Only in cases of several tumors or if cancer is highly aggressive, one or two breasts are completely removed. Unfortunately, the lady from our today's story had to undergo a mastectomy. But she didn’t despair and posted an inspiring photo in which she appears feeding her baby with her only breast.

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A woman named Bo Smith is now 32 years old, she lives in Texas with her son and fiancé, both named James. Bo met her beloved in 2011. They used to work at a rancho and spend plenty of time outside.

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One day, the couple decided to try to have a baby, but it did work. Also, at that time, Bo Smith spent a lot of time sleeping and felt bad after eating. Then, she noticed some kind of a lump in her breast. The woman thought it was a cyst, as she believed that breast cancer affects only those who are over 50.

After a while, Bo went for a medical examination, which confirmed her worst fear - breast cancer. In addition, it was an extremely rare and aggressive form of the disease. Bo was terrified and screamed to the doctor and the groom: “My life is over! I will never become a mother!”.

The woman started treatment of 16 courses of 6 different drugs. Her left breast was removed. Then, there were radiation therapy sessions. And the disease was conquered!

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After 2 years, Bo tried to get pregnant again. Doctors didn’t believe in the success of a natural approach since they couldn’t protect her ovaries from chemotherapy and suggested IVF as the only option. Despite all that, after two months Mrs. Smith became pregnant.

Pregnancy was difficult, and so was the delivery, but her firstborn son made her immensely happy. Three years ago, she couldn’t even think of such a miracle, she wasn’t even sure that she would stay alive.

That’s why Bo decided to write a post on social networks to inspire other people:

Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” I can’t begin to explain how this feels everyday to be able to breastfeed my son, after losing one breast to cancer and being told I may not ever have this sweet boy in my arms. I am not ashamed of this body. This is what continues to remind me of how lucky I am to be here today.

Bo Smith saw women die of breast cancer. Sometimes, she feels guilty for staying alive, but she appreciates the great gift from heaven and will never forget how lucky she is.

If you found this woman’s story inspiring, share it with others. We should stay strong no matter what!

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