24-Year-Old Girl Suffered From Severe Obesity, Lived Through A Stroke, And Managed To Lose 210 Lb

Date December 19, 2018

Probably, all women have once thought about going on a diet. Some don’t hesitate to abandon these thoughts, some start going to gym, others switch to proper nutrition. When it comes to a few extra pounds, it will take a little effort to lose them. However, what should you do when it comes to a serious problem with excess weight? Here you need to have strong will, influential motivation, and a clear understanding that it won’t be easy.

Today we want to tell you the inspiring story of 24-year-old Ellie. There was a period when she weighed almost 400 pounds! Just imagine what a serious load on the body it was. Such a young girl even lived through a stroke, but found enough strength to press on and transform.

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She began working really hard on her weight loss. Eventually, she succeeded! However, she had to decide on an important move – undergoing surgery. It may seem an easy choice since all you have to do is lie and wait, but in reality, it is a great mental and physical challenge.

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Losing weight didn't land me my dream job, the best friends, the ideal life. BUT it did give me the opportunity to start over, a second chance at life so to speak, and to be the best version of myself I can be. And when you work hard on yourself, all those other things will fall into place. Always put yourself first - the rest will come if you work for it.

After the surgery, she had to build her life from scratch: design a proper nutrition plan, take up exercise, and bring new activities to life. Otherwise, a sagging body wouldn’t justify the spent resources. Ellie understood this, so she moved towards her goal.

I hope you know you are brave, sufficient and enough. This day is yours to conquer. Don’t make excuses or feel sorry for yourself. Bad things happen to good people everyday. Pick yourself up and keep going. You only have one life to live - don’t waste it being unhappy!

The girl’s motivational story is a great example for all women and men who want to find the strength to change for the better. Remember, it's all in your hands.

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