Close Your Eyes And Look Within: Young Woman Lost Her Eyesight But Persevered To Became A Successful Model

Date December 19, 2018

Life offers us various unexpected scenarios. Sometimes fate decides to deprive a person of something very important. Not everyone manages to move on after a painful blowout. However, some people continue pressing onward, not being afraid of new obstacles. That is what happened to 32-year-old Jane Arinaitwe. The woman from Uganda has lost her vision as a teen, but has found the strength to live without it and become a successful model.



Jane’s health problems started at 19. The girl had just finished school and suffered from headaches from time to time. One day, Jane fainted. She was hospitalized, and when she woke up, she could see absolutely nothing. The girl had been living in complete darkness for 3 years, being alone with herself.

When I lost sight, I knew my education career had come to an end. And I lost self-confidence, I started like, “I wish I died instead of becoming blind.”

The girl felt confused after the incident and couldn’t recover for a long time. 3 years later, she decided to continue what she had started: she learned to read Braille, enrolled in university, and received her diploma in community birth rehabilitation.

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Close Your Eyes And Look Within: Young Woman Lost Her Eyesight But Persevered To Became A Successful ModelMalengo Foundation / YouTube

However, this was only the beginning. Arinaitwe decided on another important step – she wanted to become a model. She always thought about this idea, but after she lost her vision, she couldn’t even dream of such thing.

Jane took part in Hot Pink Catwalk-2018 – an event organized by the Malengo Foundation. It is a non-profit platform that stands for reducing inequality between people. It provides them to act beyond their limits of differences, trying to focus public attention on the general similarity. The organization exists for only 3 years, but it already actively supports the talented youth of Uganda.

This year, many residents with disabilities took part in the show. They showed not only their skills but also an incredible desire to share positive emotions with others. Jane was finally able to try herself in a photo shoot, and in the show on the podium, where she looked incredible. Now, Arinaitwe consults children with disabilities and helps their parents. She encourages that one shouldn’t hide at home and become reserved, but rather continue believing and following your dream.

Such people deserve special admiration! When we give up because of a bad day or a bad mood, it’s worth remembering that you should always go on to achieve your goal, regardless of how difficult the situation can be.

Did Jane's story impress you? Do you feel extra motivation to finish what you started? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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