Insane Trend 2019: Why People Wear Scarves On Their Ankles

Date February 1, 2019

Fashion surprises us with something unusual every season. Even though we didn’t have time to recover from a really weird trend of wavy eyebrows, here is something more to shock your clothing taste! Ankle scarves are conquering people all around the world. Well, looks quite strange, doesn’t it?


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In pursuit of a fashionable image, many people neglect their health and wear short pants even in winter. That is why the creators of the new trend took care not only of the style but also offered to pay attention to your health and presented scarves for the ankles.

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A guy named Dennis Krupski claims that such accessory allows him to keep his ankles warm and fashionable at the same time since long pants are “only for the old.”

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You will not find any special accessories for your ankles on sale yet, but you can knit or sew them yourself or purchase ordinary small size scarves in the children's section. The main thing – for obvious reasons – is to have a separate scarf for each leg!

By the way, there are also summer options. However, they serve a rather aesthetic purpose than a practical one.

Here's how people are reacting to the unusual trend:


You are probably cooperating with the scarf industry! Instead of using 1 scarf for both ankles, now we should buy 2 scarves. I am disappointed!


If you run around with holes in your socks long enough, they automatically become ankle scarves. I won’t give extra money for that.


How about wrapping socks around your necks?


I see it’s coming – next winter it will be an absolute fashion!

And this woman has already prepared a pair of scarves for her kid.


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Are you ready to try this trendy outfit choice by yourself? Or do you think that people around you won’t understand such fashionable innovations? Share your opinions in the comments!

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