Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

Date March 12, 2019 16:28

Have you ever wondered why we see faces or silhouettes where they shouldn’t be seen? Sometime, we may imagine that something is hiding in the shadows, in the branches of trees, in a pile of stones, or in the water. This is actually not a big deal. This phenomenon is called perceptual illusion.  

Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

The word “illusion” comes from the Latin illudere, which means a mistake. In the same way, our brain mistakenly misinterprets reality, creating fantastic images that really aren’t there. However, some artists, borrowing the knowledge of perceptual illusion phenomenon, create completely unique paintings.

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Look at the work of such an artist below. Can you find a cat here?

Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

What about this picture? What else do you see here besides the obvious image of a man?

Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

An interesting fact about the perceptual illusions: they can be based not only on visual but also on sound and even taste images. Several factors affect the appearance of illusions. Although scientists don’t consider these phenomena to be something abnormal, we tend to think this is the result of reverie, distinct to creative people. As a result of constant dreaming, some of the artists create captivating works.

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Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?Roman Samborskyi /

Have you managed to find the hidden images? Don’t worry if you didn’t! We have the answers to these tricky images.

If you want to see the hidden thingsturn the picture. Just like this.

Here is a cat, hiding in the first picture.

Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

And here is a rooster!

Perceptual Illusion: Can You Find A Cat?

How quickly did you manage to find the answers? Share with us in the comments.

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