Young Girl With Down Syndrome Has Become The Face Of A Popular Cosmetic Brand

Date January 16, 2019

Even though the attitude towards people with Down syndrome is still biased, those who believe in the future achieve a lot in their life. For example, we have recently talked about twin girls who signed their first model contract before they even learned to talk. Social networks’ availability makes it possible to raise awareness about the syndrome. Moreover, some people are even ready to adopt children with the condition for several good reasons.

In recent years, there have been significant changes in stereotypes surrounding the disorder. People with Down syndrome have finally stopped hiding – they have begun to develop and promote themselves. They win beauty contests, become successful athletes, models, and even ambassadors of prestigious brands like Kate Grant.

At 20, this amazing Irish girl has already been a local beauty queen and signed a contract with the popular brand Benefit, becoming its official brand ambassador.

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Kate’s mom, Deirdre Grant, said her daughter had dreamed of a brilliant modeling career since childhood. Her success isn’t only the agent’s merit who wasn’t afraid of working with her. Kate believed she would achieve what she wanted, just like everybody around her.

Benefit representatives found the girl by chance on social networks and fell in love with her cheerfulness and energy. By the way, she had already successfully partaken in several fashion shows before, changing the idea of modeling's essence.

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Kate didn’t focus only on herself. With her own example, she paves the way for those who are less confident in their abilities.

Grant isn’t the first model with Down syndrome who was offered to become the official representative of the cosmetic brand. Back in 2016, popular People magazine introduced Katie Meade as their new official for the latest haircare line, Beauty & Pin-Ups. This brand was among the pioneers of the movement to empower women.

At that time, Katie was already 32, but she turned out to be an ideal candidate to promote new standards of beauty with a special cheerfulness.

Working at Beauty & Pin-Ups isn’t the only thing Meade does. Katie was a Special Olympics athlete, worked in the treasury, and presented the Best Buddies program (creating opportunities through mentoring).

Many people underestimate the potential of those born with Down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities and developmental disorders. Some of them are capable of much more than "ordinary" people. These young women are a good example for everyone, aren't they? What do you think about their success? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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