12 Years Of Pseudo-Coma: Trapped In His Own Body, Man Finally Described How He Felt All This Time

Date October 31, 2018 17:27

Martin Pistorius is a 43-year-old web designer, developer, and writer. He is mostly famous for his riveting biographical book, Ghost Boy, in which he tells his frightful life story. He spent 12 years in a pseudo-coma, but returned and was able to describe his condition from “that side,” telling the facts that shocked medicine.

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His sad story began in 1988. 12-year-old Martin just got a sore throat, which would seem quite a normal experience for a child. Unfortunately for his parents, it turned out to be not a sore throat, but some kind of mysterious disease that had progressed rapidly. Even the doctors couldn’t establish the reason why Martin’s condition was deteriorating so fast.

A couple of months later, he stopped walking, moving, talking, and even making eye contact. These symptoms are completely similar to a coma, but Martin’s condition was still called a pseudo-coma since he could open his eyes and breathe independently. However, this was probably even worse, because he remained completely paralyzed, and his brain activity was absent.

Doctors couldn’t do anything about it, so they simply returned the child to his parents for care. They did everything they could. Four years after, the boy started to regain consciousness. His brain began to work and become aware of everything. However, his body still remained paralyzed, so Martin couldn’t let his parents know how he felt.

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Have you ever seen one of those movies in which someone wakes up as a ghost but they don’t know that they’ve died? That’s how it was, as I realised people were looking through and around me. However much I tried to beg and plead, shout and scream, I couldn’t make them notice me.

When Martin turned 25, the family witnessed a real miracle. The doctor noted that the man reacted to her words with eye movements. That is how they managed to understand that Pistorius is conscious. His relatives began to help him more actively, and after a couple of years, he began to move his arms and legs. Martin soon thereafter communicated through special computer software, which allowed him to choose words that turned into synthesized speech.

Gradually, life began to improve. In 2009, Martin got married, and in 2018, it became known that he would soon become a father! This wonderful story tells us how even the most terrible tragedy can be overcome with happiness. If there are relatives and close people there for you, as well as attentive doctors who are ready to help you, even the most horrible condition can somehow be overcome.

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