Please Welcome: 75-Year-Old Bodybuilder Granny Who Still Participates In Competitions!

Date October 31, 2018

Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t eternal. Aging is an irreversible process that makes people lose their muscle mass. However, this woman named Janice Lorraine from Australia decided at 55 years to defy nature and set a goal to become stronger. The mother of three children and a grandmother began bodybuilding. 20 years later, her passion hasn’t faded; she continues training and says she isn’t going to slow down.


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Ms. Lorraine has already got 23 titles. In 2019, she plans to take part in bodybuilding competitions and become the eldest in her category.

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The robust woman is supported by a 51-year-old partner who has been by her side for 27 years. He supports her in sporting events, and always puts artificial tan on her body before going on stage.

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Janice’s main goal is to break the stereotype of old age.

My aim is to show what’s possible and to motivate and encourage women of any age.

Like everyone involved in bodybuilding, Janice sticks to strict nutrition, following a “natural nude food” diet. This is food that is served without seasonings or sauces. The mature bodybuilder doesn’t eat processed foods. The basis of her diet is salads, sweet potatoes, and protein. For dessert, she chooses chocolate without sugar and one cookie.

Janice trains six days a week.

I'll keep going until I no longer want to. I'm out to make a statement. I'm trying to change people's perception of what a 70-something-year-old should be.

Not only does this woman train herself, but she also wants others to follow her example. Are you ready to start working on yourself, no matter your age?

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