Barbie Style Is No Longer Trendy! A New Unusual Color Of The Upcoming Season Is Slowly Conquering Social Media

Date August 29, 2018 17:07

If the experts called millennial pink the color of the ending season, with the beginning of fall, everything will change.

Considering the latest trends, it immediately becomes obvious that the Barbie-style wardrobe is no longer popular!

During the next fashion season, an unusually bright lime shade, called slime green, will most likely replace all shades of pink.

Even though not everybody was ready to meet this color, many fashionistas are simply fascinated!

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There are almost 12 thousand posts with a hashtag #slimegreen on Instagram published by celebrities, popular bloggers, and models.

This poisonous shade of green color is expected to be the new trend of the last season in 2018!

More and more people are acquiring clothes and household items of this unusual bright color.

Moreover, some even dye their hair in slime green!

How do you feel about the acid shades? Are you ready to include slime green in your fashion image? Share your opinions in the comments!

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