Unpretentious Japanese Girl Spent More Than $100,000 To Look Like A French Porcelain Doll

Date August 23, 2018 14:21

The desire of Asian women to make their appearance more "European" has been well known around the world for years. Thousands of girls from Japan, Korea, and China spend a lot of time, effort, and money on bleaching their skin, changing the incision of the eyes, and other beauty procedures, which help them in approaching their goal.

Our today’s hero won’t surprise a lot of people with numerous plastic surgeries, but her final result definitely deserves special attention.

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A Japanese woman, known as Vanilla Chamu, spent about $120,000 on her cherished dream!

The girl underwent more than 30 surgeries, trying to bring her appearance closer to the European type. Her ultimate goal was to look like a French porcelain doll.

With the help of plastic surgeons, the unpretentious dark-haired Japanese woman with a traditional eye incision has transformed beyond recognition. Vanilla has undergone an eyelid plastic surgery, a cheekbones correction; she has changed her chin, her nose, and her lips, and has also enlarged her breasts.

Her first surgery was performed at the age of 19, but at the same time, she keeps her real age secret.

Today, Chamu is almost impossible to distinguish from a French woman or a resident of another European country.

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After the transformation, the girl began to embellish the covers of various beauty magazines and internet publications. In addition, Vanilla is promoting her career as a pop singer.

In her native country, Chamu became a local celebrity and regularly visits various talk shows.

How do you feel about the desire of some people to come closer to the image of their dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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