52-Year-Old Chuando Tan Looks 20. The Secret To A Youthful Appearance Is This Simple!


September 21, 2018 00:54 By Fabiosa

Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan might have found the fountain of youth. How old do you think this hulk is?

While Chuando looks about 20, he's already 52! He's old enough to be a grandpa, but could pass as a college kid!

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Chuando has worked in the modeling and music industries, and later started a career as a photographer. He's well-regarded in this field and has collaborated with top brands.

Three years ago, Chuando created an account on Instagram to share some of his best work. The former model's photos went viral. Journalists started asking for interviews, and Chuando has more than a million subscribers these days. Everyone wants to know the secret to eternal youth!

Chuando has simple advice: 70% of appearance depends on diet and 30% on physical activities. Don't eat large portions, don't snack before bed, and drink lots of water. No alcohol or cigarettes.

He visits the gym at least three times a week and swims regularly. 

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Chuando dyes his hair but avoids overusing products with many chemicals.

People joke and say he should start working as a stripper, but Chuando says only when he's 80:

I'll leave the best for the end.

Does he inspire you to be healthier? Share your opinions in the comments.

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