Cruelty Behind The Scenes! 21 Strong Illustrations About The World In The 21st Century


September 21, 2018 18:12 By Fabiosa

Over the past century, our lives have changed very much due to the rapid development of computer technologies. Unfortunately, not everyone uses these new inventions for good. Israeli illustrator Koren Shadmi decided to show how technology influences our lives in a negative way.

He tried to convey powerful messages to people to make them take a detached view. Koren did his best to show the eternal vices of society. The artist’s works are really amazing and make you think hard about the ongoing reality.

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Koren Shadmi was born in Israel, where he worked as an illustrator and animator since childhood. At the age of 17, he published his first graphic novel. Then the illustrator moved to New York to study at the School of Fine Arts, where he received a bachelor’s degree.

Koren regularly participates in various national and international art exhibitions. The author’s works are published in well-known magazines and newspapers: Boston Globe, New York Times, and ESPN.

Ready to take a look at his best compilation?

1. Who controls your information?

Our data is collected, stored, and sold by tech companies, netting them handsome profits. How can you protect yourself?

2. Worship.

3. Who is she? Do you really have the power to decide?

4. Court injustices.


Публикация от korenshadmi (@korenshadmi)

5. Social network addiction.

6. I am comfortable and don’t care about the others.


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7. Breakfast.

8. We are all on equal terms.

9. Marriage under the microscope.

10. Adjust your appearance as you wish.

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11. Lost a loved one? Fill the void with work.


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12. Protect yourself!

13. When the wrong person hits the bricks.


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14. Pondering deeply


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15. Attitude to the past – Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.


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16. Deforestation… Is there still hope?

17. Can men breastfeed?

18. Fashion.

19. Even more addiction.

20. Pollution all over the planet.

21. Sad reality.

Have you been inspired by Koren’s works? Share your opinions in the comments!

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