How To Hide Computer Wires: Simple And Stylish Home Solutions


September 19, 2018 16:32 By Fabiosa

A modern house can’t be imagined without all sorts of various gadgets. Since wireless technologies are slowly developing nowadays, the more technological devices you have, the more wires will be there around your house. This is especially true for desktop computers equipped with different accessories. However, you can easily hide or even use those cords and cables, turning your working desk into a fashionable place with almost no cost.

1. Hide wires under the table

To do this mini-project you only need a few clips and screws. Try to choose the screws carefully, or you'll accidentally drill through your table.

  1. Attach a surge protector to the bottom of your table, via screws. 
  2. Plug everything in. 
  3. Consolidate the wires using the clips.


You can also buy specialty organizers to help.

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2. Stuff wires in a box

You can also just organize your wires and extension outlets in a box. This will keep your desk nice and tidy.

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  1. Stuff any exposed wires and surge protectors into a medium sized box. 

  2. Make holes in one of the walls, so you can access what you need.


3. Using clips

If you need specific chargers, you can use large metallic paper clips to fasten them to the edge of your table. This will let you access what you need at anytime. 


4. Use wires to decorate your place

Minimalism is popular these days. You can attach wires to your walls using fasteners. Your home will look very original!


Wireless devices are getting better and better. But these tips should help out for now.

Do you have any tips? Share them with a comment!

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