Plus-Size Model Puts On A Swimsuit For The First Time In 25 Years

Date September 20, 2018 10:22

After the holidays, people try to get fit in anticipation for summer. Ladies hope that a two-week diet will bring the desired result and they will become slim and fit, despite the long winter period of junk food consumption. But miracles rarely happen. Also, sharp weight loss is not only unhealthy but also causes cosmetic defects, such as stretch marks and skin flabbiness.

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To be fit, you should eat properly and rarely have cheat meals. You can also love yourself as you are, at any weight.

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 39-years-old Sarah Sapora is a Los Angeles based plus-size model. All she wants is to be the best version of herself.


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Sarah hasn’t worn a swimsuit since she was 13. That was 25 years ago!


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She realized she needed to change something when she was 350 lbs.


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Sarah confessed she could barely walk to see her mother at the hospital. She experienced sharp pains, shortness of breath, and unbearable weakness.

She could've resorted to liposuction, plastic surgery, and other medical procedures, but Sarah wanted to change from the inside.

When I eat the right food, I feel happier. When I exercise, I feel strength and energy filling my body.

The first step in a successful transformation is loving yourself.


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Sarah has lost 75 lbs since 2015! She's even more proud of something else.

Today, she can do all sorts of exercises, like push-ups and leg presses.


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She admitted that she felt insecure in a swimsuit. Nowadays, Sarah loves rocking one!


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And it's not because she lost weight. She just learned to love herself.

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Sarah feels strong and beautiful. She enjoys every moment of life. 


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The brave woman says outside opinions shouldn’t influence our confidence.


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If other people don’t like my body in a swimsuit, this isn’t a reflection of my dignity, but their inability to accept the value of the human body.


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Sarah hopes that her story will help other women accept their own bodies.

What do you think of Sarah's achievements? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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