Doctors’ Negligence Left A Girl With A Huge Facial Scar. Makeup Artist Transformed Her Into A Stunning Beauty!

Date October 29, 2018 13:48

The famous makeup artist, Goar Avetisyan, loves to provide her clients with beauty and self-confidence. She is especially attentive to those who have completely lost faith in themselves. On her Instagram profile, she introduces her 5 million subscribers to various transformations of different people. Some of the stories can really touch your heart.

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Recently, Goar was doing makeup for 17-year-old Nosa, who had suffered as a result of doctors’ negligence in childhood. Luckily, the girl didn’t break and, according to the makeup artist, she is full of life, energy, and love:

I instantly fell in love with Nosa and her sister with whom she came today.

In childhood, Nosa had been incorrectly diagnosed and treated against the wrong disease. As a result, she was left with a large scar on her face. Goar said that she had chatted with Nora for a long time:

We discussed that her features aren’t that bad. She told me about her dreams and was unbelievably happy when she saw herself in the mirror!

Ready to see the transformation? Check it out!

Goar’s followers reacted very warmly to Nosa’s transformation:

Yes, very cool. You make people happy!

Strong and beautiful girl!

I am shocked! Goar, you have golden hands and a tender soul! You always make people cry with happiness and burst with bright emotions!

Moved to tears. Very beautiful! The coolest transformation I have ever seen.

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Goar was grateful for all the flattering words, but most of all she was pleased with the message from Nosa’s mother.

The most delightful gratitude I received from Nosa’s mother. She said her daughter was immensely happy. Can you now say that make-up doesn’t change anything and gives us only sadness when she washes it off? I saw fire in her eyes, and it won’t go any time soon. By the way, the dress was presented to her by a local boutique at my request, and tomorrow she and her sister will come to my master class and learn all the secrets of transformations. Aren't you happy for Nosa?

Apart from people with external defects, makeup artist Goar also helps cancer patients. Just look how this girl’s eyes shine with happiness!

Goar also does anti-aging makeup for senior women. Do you want to get rid of 10 extra years? No problem!

Would you like to be her client and feel the magic power of makeup? Or do you still believe it is only a temporary remedy? Share your opinions in the comments.

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