No Luck In Love: 3 Zodiac Signs That Find It Difficult To Build Relationships

Date October 9, 2018

Some people have an awful tendency to destroy their own relationships and burn their love and their partner’s affection to ashes. Astrologers believe that the following three zodiac signs find it especially difficult to build strong relationships for the entire life.

3rd place – Aries

Excessive egocentrism doesn’t allow Aries to build a truly strong relationship. They don’t know how to listen to others, preferring to care only about their desires and needs. People born under this sign don’t want to make concessions and to be patient.

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Impetuosity and impulsiveness often push Aries to rash decisions, leading to an extensive collection of broken hearts behind their shoulders. Having matured, they become calmer, wiser, and receive a chance to build a family. Having learned from bitter experience, Aries begin to understand that other people also have feelings and emotions that must be considered.

2nd place – Cancer

Cancers always have doubts about everything, including themselves. They plague the partner with their uncertainty and endless vagaries. Representatives of this sign play a tragic role during their lifetime, even if everything goes well.

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On top of that, they are vindictive. Sometimes they remember an insult for years until the opportunity to get even arises. Having noticed a suitable person, they immediately imagine their wedding. Early marriages often fall apart, leaving frustration and anxiety. Cancers have difficult character and often experience emotional breakdowns. They can find happiness only by meeting an understanding and patient partner.


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1st place – Scorpio

Initially, Scorpios lure a partner with their magical appeal. They are confident and very sexy; they surround the person with extensive emotional support. However, not everyone is capable of long-term relationships with a Scorpio, because they love themselves too much and seem superficial.

For the sake of their own desires, they try to manipulate their partner. In fact, they are too vulnerable and unsure of themselves deep down. Moreover, they always doubt that they can be loved just like that. This is compensated by all the stinging jokes about their partners.

Did you find yourself on this list? Do you agree with the astrologers’ opinion? Share your feedback in the comments!

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