Strange But Delightful: Internet Users Got Hyped With The “Fish Into Collarbone Challenge”

Date October 6, 2018

Nowadays, Internet users from all over the world willingly engage in various flashmobs that spread through social networks. Many of them come to us from Asia, which is known for its strange trends.

The recent Fish Into Collarbone Challenge can be considered particularly strange. Girls pour water into their collarbone recess area and put a few tiny fish there. The aim for this small improvised “aquarium” is simple – demonstrate women’s fragility, slimness, and grace.

In fact, the flashmob originated in 2015 in Asia, where women’s thinness is especially valued. In one of the Chinese oceanariums, they even organized a competition for girls who wished to decorate the collarbone with fish. In this way, Asians created a real mini-aquarium on their bodies.

In 2018, the challenge went viral again, and this time it spread all around the ocean to the US.

Despite its strangeness, the flashmob looks very delightful.


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While some Internet users put fish into their collarbone dimples, others demonstrated their “slenderness” with the help of coins.

Not so long ago, another challenge has taken Instagram by storm. Girls decided to prove that they are able to get dressed and ready quickly and shared videos in which they throw off their towels and immediately appear in an evening dress.


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We can only hope that during this unusual aquarium flashmob none of the fish was hurt!

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