Woman Was Fired From Her Job For Refusing To Wear A Bra. Now She Filed A Suit Against Her Boss!

Date September 7, 2018

It seems, “Burn your bra!” movement is back again, and it only became stronger!

Canadian woman from Alberta, Christine Shell, filed a lawsuit against her boss, who fired her for refusing to wear a bra at work.


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According to a 25-year-old woman, the owner of the golf club “Osoyoos,” Doug Robb, insisted that the bra is an integral part of the waitress dress code. This piece of clothing can protect her from possible abuse.

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This rule has become a big problem for a woman because she considers bras uncomfortable and simply terrible. For this reason, Shell stopped wearing them two years ago.

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After the chief fired the obstinate waitress, Christina filed a lawsuit in the human rights court, appealing that men don’t have to wear any extra clothes under the T-shirt.

This requirement violates the individual gender rights. I have nipples, similarly to every man.

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Shell argues that every woman has the right to decide what and when should she wear. Now, this incident is being considered by the Human Rights Commission.

According to the law, since 2016, Canadian employers can’t force a woman to wear uncomfortable uniforms, for example, high-heeled shoes or a short skirt. It seems that now the authorities will have to add a bra to this list!

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And what do you think, who is right here?

Was he really trying to protect his employee from importunate visitors or just found a convenient reason to fire the girl? Share your opinion in the comments!

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