15 Touching Photos Of Strong But Caring Fathers That Will Make Your Eyes Wet

Date August 16, 2018

There is one main rule in nowadays strict society – men should be strong. Do you remember how parents have been constantly telling their sons not to cry like a girl since the early childhood? It has long been an uncomfortable stereotype that men shouldn’t show their feelings unnecessarily. However, there are situations when emotions beat just over the edge and simply can’t be stopped. Well, there is nothing shameful about this!

Perhaps, almost all new fathers can’t hold up the tears when they see their little kids for the first time. The first touch and first hug are the most emotional moments in the man’s life. They want to keep the baby safe and will do anything to protect the kid, even though the emotions make them go against the society.

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You don’t have to restrain yourself to prove you are strong. However, it is important to show you are a loving and tender father. We decided to share a few photos of the dads who are not afraid to show their feelings. Don’t hold your tears – free your emotions as you continue reading this article.

1. Probably, the most beautiful moment in the man’s life.

2. Moms can’t help enjoying to watch such moments.

3. Strong dad with his tiny daughter.

4. Dwayne Johnson feeds his wife, while she feeds their baby.

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5. “Why my mom doesn’t like the dad’s beard – it is so adorable!”

6. This baby definitely took after the dad.

7. Tea-partying with a little princess.

8. Triple happiness.

9. Justin Timberlake with his little cutie!

10. Pure father’s love.

11. Let’s play until the mother notices us.

12. Unconditional love.

13. His wife lost their first child during pregnancy. Now, he can’t hold up tears with his newborn daughter in the arms.

14. They hold their hands during sleep. So touching!

15. The cutie already knows how to pose!

Dear men, it is high time to stop all those stereotypes! Let your emotions guide you, especially when they are connected to the children. It is so important for them to see your smiles and even tears of joy. They do understand and feel everything.

We are sure your eyes are wet now, so share these amazing photos with your friends to show the power of real feelings.

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