17-Year-Old Teenager Spent $19,000 To Look Like His Idol - Kim Kardashian

Date August 20, 2018 11:17

People have always had their idols. In our times, teenagers go crazy about the Hollywood stars, reality show celebrities, and just people who appear on TV often. However, this passion may soon turn into a real addiction changing the person’s life forever. Nowadays, when plastic surgery has made incredible progress, anyone who has the necessary amount of money can take after the beloved idol by changing their appearance.

British teenager Tyler Kelly from Middleborough decided he should do everything in pursuit of his dream. Two years ago, he announced he’s transgender and changed his name to Kairah. His transformation began with changing the image taking inspiration from reality show star Kim Kardashian, who was a beauty role model for the boy.

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Tyler began his gender transition during the summer holidays. When he returned to school, his classmates simply didn’t recognize him.

The teenager explained his decision to become transgender quite simply:

I felt strange as if I weren’t in my body. When I looked in the mirror, it seemed to me that I see an unfamiliar person in reflection.

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Tyler claimed he was very nervous when he first appeared in school in a new way. However, he found support in his peers who reacted to the transformation with understanding.

I began to present myself in dresses and skirts since I turned eight.

In recent years, the transgender girl has changed a lot. Kairah spent more than $19,000 on lip augmentation, hair extensions, and outfits to mimic Kim’s style. Tyler earned money for plastic surgery, beauty procedures, and outfits through Instagram advertising.

The teenager’s parents are deeply religious people. They were initially shocked by the son's decision and worried a lot about what others might say about him. However, they soon accepted and supported Tyler. His mother Angela is now his closest friend:

Kim Kardashian has always been a role model for Kairah. Her makeup skills are excellent. Sometimes, I even ask her to help me with the cosmetics. I’m glad that now Kairah is finally happy, and I will support any of her decisions.

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In the upcoming years, Kairah plans to complete her transformation and make a gender-change surgery.

I spent a huge amount of money on my transformation, but I don’t regret. Now I am the one I always wanted to be.

Kairah is very lucky that her friends and family perceived her new image with understanding, while many other teenage transgender people face harassment, abuses, and mockery even from the closest people.

How do you think, did the boy’s parents acted correctly, supporting his decision? Share your opinions in the comments!

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