34-Year-Old American Lost 450 Lbs And Married The Love Of Her Life

Date October 4, 2018 14:55

Food addiction must be the main scourge of our time. 34-year-old American Nikki Webster considered herself a real food addict. Since childhood, food was for her meaning of life. However, when the woman’s weight exceeded 650 lbs, she realized that she couldn’t continue this way.

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Webster couldn’t deal with her insatiable appetite and lacked the willpower to start a diet. Every day, Nikki ate a large amount of sweet, fatty and insanely high-calorie food.

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Over time, it became difficult for the girl to take a shower, walk around and even get out of bed on her own, meaning she had to move in with her parents. Oddly enough, Nikki’s food addiction didn't bother them at all. Moreover, they even installed a special chair on the stairs which they used to bring their daughter more food upstairs.

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Webster’s life took a sharp turn after she was offered to take part in the show My 600-lb Life, which helps people in the fight against obesity. Nikki soon had a surgery to reduce her stomach and received a special diet developed by experienced dietitians.

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It wasn’t easy for a woman to cope with her fears - she was afraid that she would fail to undergo a surgery or would return to her eating habits. Fortunately, everything went well. During the first year after reducing the stomach, Webster managed to lose 200 lbs!

All that time, Nikki visited a psychotherapist who helped her understand the reason for the development of obesity and permanently defeat the food addiction.

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After the American woman lost about 350 lbs, she underwent another surgery to remove excess skin, thanks to which she got rid of another 55 lbs.

Now it is almost impossible to recognize that unhappy heavily obese woman in charming and smiling Nikki. Webster weighs 90 pounds today. She carefully monitors her diet and leads a healthy lifestyle.

I adore walks. I try to walk at least 2-3 miles per day. In addition, I go to the gym and regularly do exercises.

The woman has even found the long-awaited female happiness. Webster’s boyfriend, Marcus, has recently proposed to her. At the beginning of this year, they got married.

Nikki's story has reminded us once again that you could change your life for the better at any time. Moreover, if there are loving and reliable people nearby, it becomes even easier!

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