5 Models Who Conquered The Podium, Despite Their Disabilities


September 5, 2018 13:57 By Fabiosa

The world of fashion is slowly but steadily getting rid of the rigid frames and outdated standards. People, who couldn’t even imagine themselves on the podium in the clothes by famous designers or on the covers of glossy magazines, achieve incredible success and popularity today. They inspire others not to be ashamed of their appearance and not to give up on the way to their cherished dreams.

Today, we will tell you about five models that conquered the podium and built a successful career, despite the disabilities.

Aimee Mullins

Model, actress, and athlete was born without fibula bones and had her legs amputated below the knees in the early childhood. However, Amy didn’t allow this disability to limit herself in anything.

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Mullins has already broken several world records for long jumps and running. In addition, she was included in the list of 50 most beautiful people on the planet according to the People magazine. In 1999, Amy took part in the show organized by designer Alexander McQueen in London, opening the doors of the fashion podium for other girls with disabilities.

Kelly Knox

The British model was born with a syndrome of amniotic constrictions: she doesn’t have a left forearm. According to Kelly, despite her physical disability, she accepts herself as she is, and is proud of her successes.

Knox won Britain’s Missing Top Model competition, participated in the advertising campaigns of many famous brands, in particular, Procter & Gamble, and also starred for the Chinese Marie Claire.

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Angela Rockwood

In 2001, on the eve of her own wedding, the ascending actress and photo model got into a car accident, which, as a result of the cervical spine trauma, led to complete paralysis of her legs and partial paralysis of her hands.

Over time, Angela learned to live with her disability and continued moving forward. Rockwood regularly participates in various press conferences and TV shows but also doesn’t forget about the modeling career, participating in fashion photoshoots from time to time.

Rosalina Octavia

In 2010, the Indonesian model got into an accident, partially depriving her left leg of mobility. The girl immediately underwent surgery, but because of medical error, the limb didn’t heal for a long time, leading to the formation of gangrene. Rosalina’s tortures had become intolerable she agreed for amputation. However, Octavia did not allow the disability to put an end to her career.

The girl’s husband, who was fond of photography, helped her create a new portfolio. Soon, Rosalina was noticed by professional photographers who started to invite her to the photo sessions. Last year, Octavia took part in the Singapore fashion show.

Rebekah Marin

The girl doesn’t have a part of her right forearm since birth, but she never gave up and wasn’t going to abandon her dream of becoming a model.

Since Rebecca received a bionic prosthesis, she has signed a contract with several modeling agencies and repeatedly participated in shows at New York Fashion Week.

Fortunately, the modeling business is becoming more open for people with disabilities, and these models once again remind us that physical flaws shouldn’t prevent us from achieving our goals!

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