68-Year-Old Woman Started Taking Off Her Clothes On The Stage And Won The Judges With Her Talent

Date January 8, 2019 15:46

We are already used to see mostly young faces on various TV shows. Age is beginning to tell, so that is why hardly any senior stars shine in the recent times. However, what about those who want to get into the show business, but are already retired? This is where a talent show becomes helpful. The judges here evaluate the person’s skills and not the appearance!

This 68-year-old granny Jennie Darren from Britain also decided to try her luck. One of the judges asked her:

Did you come here to win?

Without any hesitation, she confidently replied:

Of course!

The rest of the judges looked at each other, smiled at her and offered to start.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

However, Jenny prepared a little surprise for the judges: she began to take off her clothes on the stage! Before making any foregone conclusions, watch the video first to find out the reason as you continue reading the article.

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A senior woman in a warm jacket and floral dress immediately turned into a reckless rocker in a leather skirt and meshy pantyhose.

As soon as the music began to play, the hall immediately understood what to expect. That was exactly AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell'! From the first sounds, her voice mesmerizes with the energy; people simply wanted to find some free place to dance together with this ridiculous singing.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Darren proved everyone she had a talent. She showed that people in retirement also know how to steal the show. She forced the judges to dance and the hall to sing along with her. Her singing definitely deserved the standing ovations. What a performance!

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In the recent interview, Jenny admitted she had toured with AC/DC in the 70s, but missed the chance to become famous. She performed the song 'Heartbreaker' but didn’t release it as a single. Instead, it was done by Pat Benatar, and in the end, the hit took 23rd place in the rating of the Billboard Hot 100.

Jenny shared that she had her own band Ladykillers. She gave concerts but wasn’t paid anything. She covered all the expenses by herself, so she soon realized it was time to stop. Years after that, the woman came to the show to return her ancient glory.

By the way, this is not the only senior woman who took the judges by surprise. Check out the video below.

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