Dream Job Is Available In Maldives! Read Books, Talk To Celebrities, Write A Blog, And Earn Money


August 28, 2018 18:07 By Fabiosa

What is the dream job for you? Many people would answer it is a place where your work brings you satisfaction. The dream job must be of real pleasure, and fatigue at the end of the day shouldn’t make you nervous. Ideal employment is like a hobby that brings you a good income.

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Sometimes, the destiny gives you an opportunity to find such a job. For example, recently there was a vacancy at one of the resorts on the Caribbean Sea. The position was called the adventure director and was open for six months. What did you have to do? Just relax, explore the area, and tell about your adventures in the blog. As for the income, it was $10,000 a month, including free housing. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it!

More recently, The Guardian noticed a similar interesting position. Moreover, it is still open at this time, meaning each of you has a chance!


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The employer is looking for a bookshop assistant in the Maldives. Philip Blackwell, the heir to a well-known second-hand bookseller family, opened a store on Soneva Fushi – a luxurious eco-resort for wealthy people.

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Even though the employee’s salary will be low, the working advantages here are definitely worth it. Philip gave his exclusive comment on the position:

If I were 25 myself, I would have dreamed of such work.

A short list of requirements for the candidate:

  • reading addiction;
  • creative approach to solving problems;
  • ability to inspire;
  • ability to interest the public of all ages;
  • excellent pronunciation;
  • blogging experience.

As you can see, there is no real need to be extremely skillful in any sphere. By the way, housing is also included in the offer. You will be a resident of a luxurious hotel where an average room costs about 2 thousand dollars a day!

Another important advantage – you will be able to see a lot of famous stars who visit the resort, so it is an excellent opportunity to establish good connections or simply chat with celebrities. Of course, don’t forget to write about everything on your blog.

Philip is looking for an employee for at least three months. Don’t miss your chance to get a vacation of your dreams!

Do you agree, this is an excellent dream job? Enjoying the sun and the ocean, looking for adventures, meeting with the stars and writing your memories during your free time. Have you already sent your CV?

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