Energy Vampires For Every Zodiac Sign: Who You'd Better Steer Clear From

Date September 12, 2018

Astrologers say that everyone should avoid communicating with people of the zodiac sign that is in next to their own. Such people are said to bring you nothing but eternal conflict and guilt.

Let’s find out whether this is actually true or not!


Pisces quickly understands how to manipulate you and will certainly do it. 

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Your relationship with Aries can be easily ruined by their envy and constant rivalry.


Zodiac sign

Taurus will always try to impose their rules. You will most likely feel uncomfortable near these pragmatic people.


Zodiac sign

Because of the Gemini’s constant jokes, you can easily develop a whole bunch of complexes and lose confidence.


Zodiac sign

Cancer often envies your success and luck, so they will try to assert themselves at your expense. You shouldn’t tolerate this!

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Zodiac sign

You can easily turn into a neurasthenic near the powerful and selfish Leo. Don’t even try to change them!


Zodiac sign

Virgo will control every aspect of your life. They will even interfere in your entertainment and limit your expenses. You should definitely resist them!


Your communication with Libra resembles a one-sided relationship. Therefore, try to keep a distance from people of this sign.


Zodiac sign

Scorpio will strive to adjust everything around them for themselves. This won't work if you love freedom!


Zodiac sign

Sagittarius will instantly bring chaos and confusion to your organized life.


Zodiac sign

Enterprising Capricorn can steal your creative ideas for personal gain.


Zodiac sign

It will be difficult for you to reconcile yourself with the coldness of Aquarius. 

Don’t worry if you discover that your beloved people are of a neighboring zodiac sign. The stars only give assumptions, while the people build the real relations!

Do you agree with the astrologer's opinions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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