Frightened And Exhausted, He Was Found In A Bag. Six Weeks After, The Dog Became Simply Unrecognizable!

Indian organization called Animal Aid Unlimited has been helping the homeless, sick, and injured animals for years. More than 65,000 dogs, cows, donkeys, birds, and cats were rescued with the help of Udaipur’s indifferent inhabitants, who report for help in time.

It was another ordinary day when the rescuers were informed about a very sick puppy. When they arrived, they saw an unhappy animal hiding in a plastic bag.

undefinedAnimal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

The organization volunteers shared the dog’s horrible condition:

As soon as we touched the package, he screamed in pain, every time we tried to touch him, he whimpered.

To get the dog out of the package, the volunteers had to show him food. He was very hungry and skinny. The puppy had terrible scabies and a deep wound on his thigh, which hurt greatly as he moved.

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The volunteers took the puppy to the shelter. They examined, bathed and began to treat it. In the first days after the rescue, he couldn’t relax for a second due to the excitement.

undefinedAnimal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

Six weeks after the puppy became simply unrecognizable. Organization volunteers called him Jumper. Why? Just check the video and take a look at how quickly and drastically he changed his behavior and appearance!

Now, he’s healthy and constantly wants to jump and play.

undefinedAnimal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

Jumper’s story is very similar to the situation that happened to these three puppies. They got into the pitch, but thanks to the rescuers, they are also jumping with happiness now.

It’s good some people are ready to help animals at any moment. Share this article with your friends – maybe some of them will want to donate and help this organization!

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