Girl Found Out She Was Officially Adopted. Her Reaction Can Evoke The Most Tearful Emotions!


September 5, 2018 12:01 By Fabiosa

The family is, perhaps, the most precious thing that can ever appear in a person’s life. Those who are lucky enough to have many relatives may be the happiest people ever. Indeed, a prosperous atmosphere reigns only in a complete family, helping children grow up emotionally healthy.

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People who aren’t afraid to adopt children can be called real heroes not only for the fortunate kids but for the entire society as well. If you have an opportunity, why not to give the amazing kid a new home?

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Paige and Daniel Zezulka became exactly such heroes for their new daughter and her siblings. Three years they were the guardians for three children – two sisters and their brother. On the birthday of the older girl, Paige and Daniel learned they had been officially approved for the possibility of adopting children. Having hardly coped with feelings, they decided to inform their daughter (her name is not reported) in a very original way.

The touching moment was filmed on the video. The girl was presented with a box where she found the most important thing – a letter that said she would now have official mom and dad. It is simply impossible to watch the clip without tears!

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The girl couldn’t hold her emotion. Her parents also burst into tears. Even Daniel was noticed to be extremely touched by the girl’s reaction. According to Paige, her daughter prayed every day and dreamed of being adopted.

That’s amazing how these kids now have found an official family. Share this video with your friends to let them know miracles may happen!

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