Good Girl Or Crazy Woman? Pregnant Pole Instructor Was Still Dancing 2 Hours Before The Labor

Date September 7, 2018

Previously, pregnant moms stopped being engaged in sports activities or switched to simple exercises long before the labor. Now, progressive women aren’t scared to work out until the last days before the birth. Our today’s heroine is 31-year-old Christina Spirig. The woman has been working as a pole dance instructor for already several years. She is engaged in her activity so much that she didn’t leave her favorite occupation until a few hours before the labor!

Christina Spirig took up pole dances about eight years ago. She has fallen in love with this activity since the first session and immediately began to work hard. As a result, she became a professional instructor.

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When Christina found out she was pregnant, she decided not to give up her favorite occupation. According to her, many were worried about her, as she could fall and harm a child. Others admired her and asked to share the secret of such flexibility.

The woman performed the last dance two hours before the labor!

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Christina Spirig thinks that sport helped her deliver a baby without problems since all her muscles were toned.

And here is a video of her dance on the 25th week of pregnancy.

People who are willing to start pole dance classes should consult with a doctor in advance. It is a very serious and difficult kind of sport. Moreover, pregnant women are recommended to wait with training.

Experts from the American Pregnancy Association claim that doing sports during pregnancy is useful. However, you need to pick the right exercising load and consult your doctor beforehand. Swimming, walking, and yoga are the best activities for pregnant women.

What about you? Were you engaged in any sport during pregnancy? Share your experience in the comments.

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