Honest Instagram Blog: Mother With Three Children Shows How Real Parenting Differs From "Staged" One


June 24, 2019 16:15 By Fabiosa

Whom do you usually see on your Instagram feed? Those are probably stylish and happy faces upgraded with various filters. Especially adorable are the women with the newborn kids. They always have an ideal hairdo and a fresh manicure. Their kitchen is always shining, and their kids don’t stop smiling.

You won’t see the mother’s fatigue when she has no strength to play or even talk with her children. You won’t see the kids anger and constant crying. There is no scattered food on the photos – everything is neatly organized for a perfect shot.

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Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? As you look at such a perfect life, you slowly begin to hate yours. Stop it! Don’t believe all those stylish photos edited to achieve the fake image. There is nothing perfect. Life is not as ideal as it is often depicted!

The reality is much more bitter. Parenthood doesn’t consist only of stylish children’s clothes, beautiful breakfasts, and never-ending vacations. Today, we want to introduce you to the mother of three children, who shows the life the way it is in reality.

Kylee Austin posts about her imperfect life. This helps the rest not to get depressed after seeing the “ideal upbringing” of other bloggers.

First attempts to feed twins simultaneously.

No one else is bothered so much when you hear your children screaming.

That’s how the twins look like during pregnancy. Not everyone has a small tummy.

Your skin doesn’t always get tightened.

Children eat carefully only on the ideal Instagram photos – everything is different in real life.

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That’s how the body changed after the labor.

Have you ever seen anyone who cries in the social networks?

That’s how the real-life snack looks like.

She hasn’t heard about the ideal pregnancy…

…but she has three adorable children.

That is a really brave woman who managed to show everything that others were afraid of making public. She really deserves our respect! Well done, Kylee!

Source: mrskyleeaustin / Instagram

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