How Many Babies Are There? This Pregnant Woman Shocked The Internet With A Giant Belly


September 26, 2018 20:19 By Fabiosa

Laura started blogging in 2014, but didn’t know how to achieve popularity at first. Everything changed when she became pregnant for the second time.

Laura lives in Barcelona and runs a blog called mamaingeniera because she has a science degree in engineering. However, her career developed in blogging and television.

She started her blog for therapeutic purposes when was trying to get pregnant for over a year. Doctors diagnosed her with premature ovarian failure and low ovarian reserve. With the help of artificial insemination, she finally managed to become pregnant after several unsuccessful attempts and welcomed a son. In her blog, Laura talks about pregnancy, infertility, and motherhood.

Later on, Laura became pregnant again and found fame after sharing a photo of her belly on Instagram. The picture sparked debates on the internet since Laura’s stomach was insanely huge. Social network users were surprised how she managed to walk with it.

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During pregnancy, Laura gained more than 40 lbs. She complained of pain in her back, knees, pelvis, and general sluggishness.

She gave birth in a natural way. Now, in addition to her eldest son, she has two more twins, whom she named Liv and Liam.

After pregnancy, the mother’s belly didn't go away. The woman has a diastasis and a hernia, so she needs an operation. Still, she is glad she now has three children.

We wish these kids well, and for their mother to return to normal as soon as possible!

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